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Katrin, Danijel, Tom and Markus came together to create BionicBabies in 2004 Despite the narrowness of their rehearsal room, their songs are open minded and straight forward. When listening to their music and lyrics you can’t help but catch the Bionic Babies contagious attitude for self-determination, self-confidence and a big lust for life.

Bionic Babies are writing their songs for the stage. Music with rough edges but still impressively agile, consequently written and arranged, flavoured with various handmade sound effects. This is music that finds its way to your heart and mind. Which gives you that big smile you’ve been looking for and makes you dance all night long on the dance floor. Organic beats and hook lines you’ll never forget, but keep replaying over and over again.

BionicBabies debut album ‘Are Bears’ was produced in close collaboration with Producer Andreas Fennes at “What’s That Noise Studios” in Vienna and released in October 2009

‘Are Bears’ is a brilliantly produced album, which captures the bands supreme live qualities and combines it with their stellar attitude, big melodies and intelligent song writing. This record is a must have for every fan of brilliant music with attitude.